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Maggie Nolan
Unit 7a
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Pilates mat is a system of controlled exercises designed to condition the total body with an emphasis on strengthening and stabilizing the core

It is a wonderful blend of strength and mobility training that improves posture and creates long, lean muscles. Pilates Mat classes are designed to ensure no muscle group is overworked and to help your body work as an efficient, holistic system in sport and daily activity. Pilates was first developed in 1881 by Joseph Pilates. He devised a unique sequence of movement that worked the mind and muscle in harmony.

Pilates Mat classes can be a good introduction to Pilates as they allow you to focus on learning the specific techniques.

As a Remedial massage therapist, for many years, 22 to be exact, I have been helping people to overcome and work through tension, tightness, trigger points, imbalances and weaknesses in their bodies. Being a remedial/sports massage therapist is hard work, so I have decided to incorporate other modalities into my clinic that are very beneficial, and not physically strenuous on me as a therapist and mother of 3.

Dry Needling was one of the modalities I incorporated into my business, which I love and get amazing results, a topic I can discuss later, However for today I would like to talk about Pilates.

I decided to study the art of Pilates, because I realised that as a remedial massage therapist, I was very limited in helping my clients take control of their own health and wellbeing beyond just what a regular massage could offer. Remedial massage therapist, are just not trained in recommending rehabilitation through strength and exercise.

Therefore I decided to learn Pilates so I could offer it to my clients and give them a more balanced overview of what is going on for them individually, helping them to take control of their health and wellbeing. My clients will have the choice to learn through one on one instruction, small or larger group classes and they can take home these simple but highly beneficial strengthening, toning and sculpting exercise to practice and perfect in the comfort of their own homes.

Pilate’s main focus is to increase core stability. Your core muscles include not only your abdominals, but also your stabiliser muscles of the spine, pelvis and scapula, e.g. deep abdominals (transversus abdominis) pelvic floor, spinal muscles (multifidus) gluteal muscles, lower trapezius, serratus anterior (scapula stabilisers) and deep neck flexors.
In Pilates, you will learn exercises to correctly activate and isolate these core muscles, together with proper breathing techniques, to further maximise your workout.

As I am a trained remedial massage therapist, I have the added advantage of picking up on muscles imbalances from a whole body perspective. To put it simply, my aim is to strengthen any muscles that are weak and stretch any muscles that are tight.

In my clinic I will offer one on one Pilates sessions or small group classes (up to 4 people)

My one on one personalised sessions will be within my normal business hours and will focus on specific target areas you would like to work on, based on any structural imbalances I assess during your consultation.

The price is as follows;

A 1 x full structural aliment consultation followed by a 30 minute Pilate’s session followed by a 30 minute Remedial or Relaxation massage, up to 90 minutes $125
5 sessions: $500 a saving of $125

Small group sessions, Monday evenings 6:30 for up to 4 people, sessions will be held at Time to Unwind, Unit 7a 108 Anzac Avenue Hillcrest
60 minute Pilate’s session casual rate $35
5 sessions $ 150
10 sessions $ 320

Large group session, for any sessions with over 4 people and up to 15, the sessions will run at Fit Body Fitness Training, 6/108 Anzac Avenue Hillcrest Thursday’s at ??

60 minute Pilate’s session casual rate $20
5 sessions $100
10 sessions $200

Payments can be made by Eftpos, cash or simply direct debit.

Please bring your Mat, towel and water bottle to every session.

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